Keeping OSU Safe

Look, my title's all punny. My name is David Hoops, a sophomore, and one of the keepers and captains for Ohio State Quidditch.

OSU Quidditch had our elections for next year. Proud to say that the captains have stayed the same, and that we’ve added some positions that are going to seriously help our recruiting and online presence next season.

Aaaaaaaaaaand I’m already excited for next season.

Unpopular Opinion -- Team USA


Team USA was just released, and, for all intents and purposes, it is a great team that should bring home the gold at the Summer Games.

However, the selection committee failed us on several HUGE points.

Eric Reyes is a big bulldozer, he can run through people and score… Sometimes. Other times,…

The Reyes selection I agree with. Yeah, he didn’t play his best against us (I’m pretty sure he did score but I could be wrong), but there weren’t any other players we went up against that took such an adjustment from our defense to stop. Plus, with him likely being a second or third scoring option when he’s playing for Team USA, you can’t afford to have 2 or 3 players bring him down like we had to. Every team needs a tank, and Reyes does it as well as anyone. 

Also I think it’s crazy to think that Roitblat or the others here don’t deserve to be on the list. Sam didn’t have a signature tournament run this semester like he did last year, but his MWC performance was spectacular back in October and it’s not like he’s not making grabs any more. This team is absolutely stacked and can throw out lines based on speed, power, passing, defense, and intelligence due to the wide variety of athletes on the roster, which I really applaud the selection committee for doing. The potential starting line of something like Rodriguez, Wasikowski, Marshall, DuPont, Havlin/Seto, Moorhead/Calhoun, and Roitblat is jaw-dropping.


Quidditch World Cup VII is coming 

Quidditch World Cup VII is coming


Hey so can everyone who is going to the Quidditch World Cup remember to not be assholes to the refs/volunteers over the course of the weekend? These people are volunteering their time to make sure the tournament runs smoothly (some are even sacrificing their rest time as they have games to play…

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Ohio State Quidditch- World Cup VII!


The BGSU Quidditch team would like to send our thoughts, prayers and condolences to the Brown family. Rest in Peace Mary Brown


Quiddtich World Cup VII - April 5-6, 2014


Anonymous asked: Why didn't OSU win the Big 10 vs MAC tournament?

Hmm… Well, Minnesota’s a damn good team for one. Their zone defense in good conditions is under-rated. They play it a little more conservatively than Baylor does, especially with their beaters, but I actually think that’s a better way to do it. In poor conditions, that defense is a monster to get around. The easiest way to score on a hoop zone is to clear out the beaters and just drive straight into it, but in snow, you can’t really build the momentum to drive. Offensively Narveson and Sipe were building off each other really well and they were really tough to stop. Plus going 6 for 6 on snitch grabs is always going to help.

On our front, our defense tired out late in the match. We started on a 50-10 run if my memory serves me correct, but in the snow our legs got tired, we got lazy, and Minnesota took advantage to slowly build their way back into snitch range. We were up 20 when they pulled the snitch. I wish we would have won but I’m still very happy with how we played. Our victory over MSU, more than any other, I believe showed just how good our offense can be. I think we’ll make a lot of noise at Glass City next weekend, so keep an eye on us.